Couples & Relationship Counselling

We have all experienced that initial rush and connection of being truly in love with a partner - feeling complete and whole, as though we were “made for each other”.

So what happens, to allow frustrations, irritations and anger to surface? Why do we feel alone, unsupported and misunderstood? How do painful argument surface over what we feel are trivial issues? Why are we not taken seriously over the major hurts we experience? We may even imagine that our partners are just doing it to hurt us.

Victoria will help you look at these differences which once felt trivial and have become the source of disagreement and frustration. You will see that frustrations with a partner actually unconsciously remind us of some painful childhood experiences of which we are unaware and which blind us to the current connective experience.

You will find it easier to understand your partner, without feeling threatened or under attack yourself - and you will feel heard, understood and safe in the same way.
Using insights from her various trainings and also in Imago Relationship Theory you will see why the differences which lead to frustrations are actually a natural part of what originally attracted you to each other.

Utilizing brain studies and major psychological research can help you look at the story of your relationship in a fresh way.

Your partner’s behaviour, their way of being, will make sense and you will find it easier to meet their needs. And they find it easier to meet yours! With a new understanding, we can learn to stretch a little more to provide what our partner needs. There is no blame, shame or criticism. Instead, a stronger connection comes through attentive hearing and being deeply heard in an emotionally safe environment. Then surprising answers to age-old conflicts can emerge.

Victoria will guide you through this process with understanding and exercise to help you build a stronger, lasting relationship.
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