Treatment, Counselling & Therapy Services

Treatment with Victoria Beecher is always individually designed & personalized - treating emotions, body, mind & spirit.

A Goal-Oriented Treatment Schedule is customized around each patient’s personal aims & progress in recovery.

The Treatment is Twelve-Step Based and is enhanced by a unique, comprehensive programme designed by Victoria and her husband Norman, who between them have more than 26 years continued training and experience in this field.

Treatment Will Combine other successful therapeutic approaches, including CBT, mindfulness, experiential work, grief sessions and family participation. Clients will learn to change destructive patterns and achieve more fulfilling lives.

Referrals: a network of referral options for residential treatment is available should a higher level of care be identified as necessary and seamless transfers can be arranged. Collaborative ongoing work will occur with the client’s individual referring practitioners. In the case of self-referrers a number of London’s top psychiatrists and medical doctors are available to provide a full assessment, diagnosis and additional care.


A thorough assessment will help make an informed choice as to the most appropriate treatment for you. Depending on need, treatment can be provided while you continue with your daily routine, or if necessary a referral can be made to an appropriate residential facility.

Aftercare & Relapse Prevention

Early recovery from chemical dependence requires significant change. Negotiating these changes can be difficult without structured support.
This service can be provided on a short, medium or long term basis depending upon need.


Together we will explore the root causes and symptoms of Co-dependency.
We will work to establish a comprehensive plan for improving the quality of your life and for developing the skills necessary to build satisfying relationships.


If someone you care about (family member, friend or employee) has a problem with substance misuse, there is no need to wait until they “hit rock bottom”. You can be guided through a gentle and effective process that leads to them saying “yes” to treatment.


Victoria offers you the opportunity to work with her to investigate the problem areas of your life in a safe and confidential environment in order to explore ways to effect the changes you desire, deserve and of which you are totally capable.

It is of great help to talk to a trained professional when you are experiencing a problem. Together with Victoria you will assess your needs and make appropriate referrals where necessary. Victoria sees clients individually, as a couple or family, or in group therapy.

Victoria works in parallel with a number of professional colleagues, to whom she can refer individuals from each unique social atom in order to facilitate deeper relationship and family work.

Victoria will help you look into the causes and roots of your problem to engage with your emotions in a different and more meaningful way so that you are no longer enslaved to the same old destructive patterns of behaviour.

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